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Clintons Toyota Car Care

Deluxe Paint Sealant

Imagine a state-of-the art product that is easy on your wallet but keeps the paintwork “new”. Deluxe Paint Sealant is a permanent Teflon sealant that penetrates and seals the pores of your paint. Ordinarily, painted cars have no added protection from road grime, pollution, dirt, dust, bird droppings and chlorine. But, Deluxe Paint Sealant guarantees against oxidization. You need not worry when you park your car in the sun for prolonged periods of time since it has built-in ultraviolet inhibitors working double-time against the sun’s harmful rays. What’s more is that Deluxe Paint Sealant can prevent and eliminate fading and discoloration. Should your car require repairs or mere touch-ups, this sealant ensures easy colour matching.

Its PTFE plastic content provides a “slippery” or non stick/slick surface that helps repel dirt and grime. Its acid neutralizers protect your car from acid rain, industrial fallout, bird droppings, and tree sap. Are you concerned with staining, pitting, and etching? This sealant minimizes these and makes cleaning surfaces easier. An active ingredient called Carnauba found only in Brazil provides a long-lasting shine.

No need to wax, no need to polish, no re-application, easy to clean, saving your time and protecting your investment and enhancing the resale value
of your vehicle. Before you take delivery of your new or pre-owned vehicle, protect your vehicle’s paintwork with Deluxe Paint Sealant.

Fabric & Carpet Sealant

Have you ever been annoyed by coffee or coke spillages in your car seat or flooring? How about removing dirt and soil from your car seat fabric every time it gets dirty? How about kids or pets messing your fabric or carpet? Worry no more because Amantti Fabric and Carpet Sealant can save you from all those hassles. The Fabric and Carpet Sealant is made of a resin and Teflon formulation that penetrates and bonds to each individual fiber. What is unique about this sealant is that it provides all over coverage unlike common supermarket brands. Because of its UV inhibitors, it prevents fading and ensures that your car always looks new. It not only seals the fabric and carpet, it also strengthens the fibers from top to bottom. Like all Amantti products, this Fabric and Carpet Sealant is professionally formulated using the highest quality ingredients. It prolongs the life of your fabric and carpet, enhances resale value.

The Amantti Fabric and Carpet Sealant is professionally applied to your seats, floor mats, boot lining, floors, and doors of your vehicle. Once dry and cured, dirt, liquid and grime will just slide off or roll over. We offer a lifetime warranty.

Amantti Fabric and Carpet Sealant, another advanced innovation for you’re the protection of your new investment. Before you take delivery of your new
or pre-owned vehicle, protect your vehicle’s interior with The Amantti Fabric and Carpet Sealant.

Leather & Vinyl Sealant

This Leather and Vinyl Sealant protects your car’s upholstery interior from the harmful effects of the sun with its UV inhibitors. We cannot evade parking under the sun especially while working in the office or going on extended road trips in the outdoors. This top-of-the-line Leather and Vinyl Sealant contains Teflon which repels common stains from dirt, food, drinks, perspiration, body oils and the like. It is professionally applied to your dashboards, door trims, steering wheels and leather interior. It also contains lanolin which locks in moisture and replenishes natural oils in vinyl and leather therefore preventing fading, cracking and splitting. Like all Amantti Treatment products, this is professionally formulated plus a matte finish which doesn’t leave any residue or attract dirt or dust.

The Amantti Leather and Vinyl Sealant makes your car look good, easy to clean, and is lifetime warranty guaranteed.

Before you take delivery of your new or pre-owned vehicle, protect your vehicle’s interior with The Amantti Leather and Vinyl Sealant.

Electronic Rust Unit

This high-end technology is mounted in the engine bay and attached to the battery of your car. It sends silent electronic pulses throughout the body of the vehicle to prevent rust formation and corrosion. This is environment-friendly and highly suitable for cars passing by bodies of water. It exceeds Australia’s standard for rust protection and compliments the manufacturer’s warranty. Like all Amantti treatment products, Electronic Rust Unit enhances car resale. More than all these benefits, this product gives you a complete peace of mind having no worry of rust build-up and interior and exterior car problems. It safeguards, protects, and enhances your entire vehicle. Eliminate rust before it destroys your vehicle. Avail of the Electronic Rust Unit, a premiere Amantti product.

Before you take delivery of your new or pre-owned vehicle, protect your vehicle’s with The Amantti Electronic Rust Unit.

Windows Tint

Have you had sunburn in summer while riding in or driving your car? Or has someone gained entry to your car, stealing your possessions inside? The Amantti Treatment Window Tint is the answer to your problems. When applied to your car windows, it blocks 99.9% of UV rays and 62% of the heat. It is professionally installed to the inside of all the windows of your vehicle excluding the front windshield. It reduces glare and potential sunburn 24/7. It can also help give your car an elegant appearance. More than all of that, it ensures maximum privacy and security for the car owner and his possessions. It will be very difficult to peer into and gain entry to the vehicle since this window tint has the ability to hold the glass together should there be a “smash and grab” robbery.

Window Tint has a Lifetime Warranty against bubbling, fading or cracking, Before you take delivery of your new or pre-owned vehicle, protect your vehicle’s interior with Window Tint.